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Our JPG to Word Converter is a web-based tool which converts JPG images to editable Word documents in seconds.
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Image to Word Converter

We offer a highly efficient online tool that allows users to easily convert data saved in the form of images to editable word files. Users who want to convert data saved in the form of images to editable text for easier access and modifications can use it for free. Our tool is easily accessible through various devices, regardless of their operating systems. Hence, users who want to convert text from JPG to Word file can do it on the go. Although the name of our tool is JPG to Word Converter, it also supports other image formats, including PNG and GIF.

How to Convert JPG to Word with Our Tool?

Our tool offers you an easy method to convert text from PNG or JPEG to word file in a matter of seconds. Here is a step-by-step guide for your comfort.

  • Access our JPG to Word Converter online through any device.
  • Upload the image you want to convert by selecting it from local storage.
  • If you are using a computer, you can drag and drop the image as well.
  • After uploading, our JPG to Word converter will start working.
  • You will get accurately extracted text from the image in Word file in no time.
  • You can download the Word file and save it or share it further.

Features and Functionalities

While you may find multiple online image to word converter, our JPG to Word converter stands out. The reason behind our tool’s ability to stand out is its exceptional features and facilities. You will also become a fan of our tool after going through the details we have given below. Read on to learn more.

Convenient User Interface

We understand that modern-day users prefer optimum UX (User Experience) over anything. One of the key elements that makes optimum UX possible is a convenient UI (User Interface). Hence, our tool comes with a super-friendly UI that ensures ease of use, which ultimately leads to optimum UX. So, to convert JPG to Word, our tool is hassle-free and ensures a simple and straightforward PNG and JPG to Word conversion.

Free to Use

There is no need to dig a hole in your pocket and go behind tools offered by tech giants for pretty much the same purpose, i.e. Image to text conversion. Our image to Word converter is available for free and capable of offering the same quality output as the tools with costly price tags do. Hence, users who want cost-effective JPG to Word conversion can rely on our highly efficient tool.

Accessible Through Various Devices

Another great thing about our image to Word converter is its accessibility through various devices. It is compatible with all chromium-based converters. Hence, whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can access our tool and use it to convert text from PNG or JPG to Word file easily. This Word file is easily downloadable. You can save or share the downloaded Word file featuring converted data easily.

Ability to Extract Text from Low-Resolution Images

A worth mentioning functionality of our JPEG to Word converter is its ability to perform accurate text extraction from low-resolution images. Our tool uses an advanced algorithm capable of using AI to understand the intent of written or typed characters featured in a low-resolution image. Once the intent is understood, our tool takes help of Machine Learning technology and CNN to perform accurate text extraction.

Supports Large-Sized Images

A common shortcoming of most image to text converters available nowadays is their inability to support large-sized images. However, our tool is different. It comes with the ability to support text extraction from significantly large-sized images. You can upload an image having file size of up to 15 MB and our tool will accurately extract the text featured by the images with minimal chances of mistake. Hence, our image to word converter stands out in its category.

Why Do We Need a JPEG to Word Converter?

Many people may wonder why there is a need for JPG to Word conversion. We will discuss a few real-life use cases to help you understand the importance of JPG to Word conversion. Further details are given below.

JPG to Word Conversion for Businesses

We know that many businesses have long been saving their confidential data in the form of bulky paper files. The task of sorting and saving these bulky files is not only tricky but expensive. Businesses have to spend a significant amount of money to keep data saved in the form of paper files safe. However, if this data is converted to digitally editable text, businesses can easily save it in computers, local servers, and cloud-based storage.

Manual conversion of data may lead to significant expenses and considerable chances of mistakes. However, automated conversion by clicking images of paper files and then converting them to editable text using a photo to Word converter like the one we offer can make the process simple, cost-effective, and error-free. Hence, using our tool to convert image to Word can be really beneficial for businesses.

JPEG to Word Converter for Common Users

In addition to businesses, common users also need image to text conversion. Take example of students who don’t miss a lecture due to a necessary engagement. They may ask their fellows to share notes with them. Their classmates will share notes in the form of images. Sorting and saving these images could be tricky.

Students can easily deal with this issue by converting text from images to Word files easily. There is no need to do it manually. They can simply access an online image to Word converter and use it to get the required text in Word file. The process will take no time or effort and they will be able to easily save it on their device and keep notes at their immediate disposal.