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PNG and JPG are two different image formats that are very similar because they are used for image files. But as the names differ, they also have a slight identity difference.

PNG stands for the Portable Network Graphic, a raster image type that ends with a .png format; this file type is designed explicitly for lossless compression and transmission used by web and graphics designers. Due to the lack of support for CMYK colour space, the PNG format is suitable for viewing on the screens but not for printing.

On the other side, JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a file format that is comparatively compressed in file size to PNG; unlike the PNG format, JPG files are a lossless means during transmission through the internet it loses quality. The JPG file format is excellent for both on-screen and print purposes.

How to convert PNG to JPG online?

To start converting your images from png to jpg online, follow the below simple steps

  • Upload your PNG image or use the drag & drop feature in the tool.
  • PNG to jpg converter process and convert your image.

Why do you need to convert PNG to JPEG?

You need to convert your PNG images into JPG format for many reasons.

Avoid transparent pixels:

You need to convert your image from PNG to JPG because PNG images contain transparent space or pixels that are not filled with colour around the object, so those pixels are automatically filled with white or black colour upon sharing the image on the internet, which makes the original image terrible.

For printing purposes:

PNG format is not best for printing because it doesn't support the CYMK colour space. So, to have professional printing results, you need to convert your PNG images to JPG or JPEG file format.

Reduced size perfect quality:

You can enjoy the benefit of reduced file size without losing image quality (But if you share the JPG file on the internet, the rate will be negatively affected).

Key features of our PNG to JPG converter

Some of the features that set us apart from the other tools are

Fast conversion process:

You don’t have to wait longer because the lighting-fast processing feature lets you get your JPG image within seconds.

Easy to use:

Our PNG to JPG converter is simple and easy to use; within three steps, you will get your desired JPG in your local storage.


This png convert to jpg is compatible with all devices and browsers. You don’t have to install third-party extensions to use this png to jpg converter.

No registration:

Unlike the other websites, you don’t have to sign up and give us your personal information to use our tool.

Frequently asked questions - Convert PNG to JPG in high quality.

We know you have questions about our tool, so we have answered the most common ones below.

Can I convert multiple PNG images at once?

Our PNG to JPG converter allows you to compress one image at a time, but you can buy our premium plan to do the conversion in bulk.

What is the difference between JPG and PNG?

JPG images are compressed in size and use lossy compression, which is suitable for photographs with smooth gradients but doesn't support background transparency.
PNG supports lossless compression, which helps maintain the image quality and supports transparent backgrounds.

Can I convert images with transparent backgrounds using this tool?

Yes, this tool converts the PNG images with transparent backgrounds into JPG.

Is there a limit to the file size I can convert?

Yes, in our free version, you can upload a file up to 10 MB, but if you buy our premium plan, then this limit will also increase.

Are there any privacy concerns with uploading images to the converter?

We respect the user's privacy and personal data and carefully process the uploaded images; all the photos will be automatically deleted from our servers.