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How to convert PNG to JPG ?

Use our online tool to convert your PNG images to JPEG format. These are simple steps that you would follow:

  • Select your PNG file and upload it or drag it onto the given tool section.
  • After this, the conversion will start.
  • Now download your JPG file.

Fast conversion

Using our PNG to JPG converter, any image can be quickly converted into a JPG file. All you require is a reliable internet connection and your image.

Support High-Quality Images

Since high-quality images take up a lot of space, many converters lack this feature. Don't be worried; our PNG to JPG online converter supports images up to 20 MB in size. So you can easily convert a large image.

Quality Conversion

Our online converter guarantees that the final JPG image quality is high. Your images will show up in a JPG file exactly as you would assume.

Secure Conversion

We've taken steps to ensure that nobody will see any of the data you upload to our PNG converter. To protect your sensitive data, we'll automatically delete your files from our servers after an hour.

Free conversion

This online converter facilitates unlimited conversion of your image files without asking for a subscription or sign in.


Can I convert back from JPG to PNG?

Yes, you can convert back to your original image format by using our JPG to PNG converter. The process is the same as this tool for conversion.

How is GIF better than PNG?

There are two high-quality, lossless image formats: PNG and GIF. A more recent format is PNG, but animations are not supported. This is the only reason that GIF is better than PNG.

Is PNG suitable for graphics and illustrations?

Applications for graphic design frequently use PNG files because of their lossless quality. In general, PNGs are simpler to work with when making illustrations and customized graphics.