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Using our PDF to text converter, you can easily extract text from PDF and edit it according to your wants. Just upload your pdf file and download.

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Editing and redacting text in PDF is challenging because you need an online or offline PDF editor, which takes too much time and is inaccurate.

We know you are thinking then, what is the solution 🤷‍♂️.

Now, clap 👏 for yourself because you have already found the solution by visiting our pdf to text converter. Using our tool, you can extract any text from your PDF files using the OCR (Optical character recognition) technology to do this conversion process in just a second.

Upload the PDF you want to convert, and our tool will do the conversion process and provide you with a Txt file, which you can then download for editing in Word or whatever you want.

How to convert PDF to text online?

It's easy, to learn to convert pdf to text by following the below steps.

  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Let our OCR-based converter do the conversion process.
  • Download your converted plain text file.

As we said, it is easy; now, go up and convert PDF to plain text.

Why do you need an online PDF to text converter?

You might need to convert pdf to text online for the following reasons.

👉 Avoid buying expensive softwares:

You want to convert your PDF to Text online to save money and do the conversion without buying expensive PDF editors or softwares.

👉 Copy and paste paragraphs:

In pdf, you can't copy. You can copy and paste a specific paragraph in your PDF file into another document, but you can't do it without converting that PDF to Txt format.

👉 To shrink file size:

The PDF file size will increase due to the unnecessary images you don't want, so to cut the size, you need to convert it into text format and remove the photos.

👉 Extract text from scanned (PDF) book:

If you are a student struggling with manually (with hands on a separate document) extracting the text from a non-copyable scanned PDF, this tool is your lifesaver.

Our Advance features

You are wondering "why we" for converting scanned PDF to text. We have answered that below. Let's see.

🏆 Ultra-fast conversion

Everyone hates waiting; this is why our pdf to text converter processes your files in seconds, saving you valuable time for other tasks.

🏆 Easy to use

This straightforward tool has a simplistic user interface and simple three-step operations. Users of all knowledge levels can use it easily.

🏆 Compatible with all platforms

You can use our tool on any device and browser. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.

🏆 Security of files and data

Our main priority is the security and privacy of user data; we don't store your files and data on our servers and automatically delete them permanently.

🏆 Free no signup

Why give your name and email for converting? We know that, unlike other free tools, we don't ask you to register to use our PDF to text converter online.

🏆 Preview and copy

Once your file is converted on the left side, you will find a dialogue box to view, edit and copy your plain text directly on the website.

Have a Question?

We have already answered the questions in your mind, so find them below.

Can I convert the pdf files to plain text format in bulk?

In our free version, you can convert only one PDF file to txt format at a time; if you buy our premium plan by spending a small amount, you can enjoy the bulk conversion feature and many more amazing things.

How do I convert PDF to text?

By using our online pdf to text converter, upload your pdf file in the tool and let our OCR do the conversion process. Within a second, you will get your plain text file for download.

What type of files can I convert?

You can only convert the pdf files, such as the Adobe PDF, to plain text (.txt) using this pdf scan to text.

Can I convert password-protected PDFs to text?

No, our tool does not support converting password-protected files; you should first remove the password protection.