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Free JPG to PNG Converter is a simple, convenient, and quick way to convert your JPG images to high-resolution PNG format.

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JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group):

JPG, also referred to as JPEG, is a compressed image format. It efficiently reduces the file size while maintaining the quality. JPG is the most used file format on the internet and is used on almost all operating systems. JPG is considered a lossy compression technique.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic):

PNG is lossless image compression and supports transparency, best suited for images with text, shaped edges, and areas requiring transparent backgrounds. It supports RGB color models, but CMYK color images are not supported in PNG format. PNG files are a great image format for logos, graphics, and any image for layering because they can provide transparent backgrounds.

What is the JPG to PNG Conversion Tool

In simple words, JPG to PNG conversion tool converts JPG format images into PNG format images. Our JPG to PNG online converter provides a convenient and quick way to convert your JPG images to PNG format by just uploading your image.

How to convert JPG to PNG?

To convert your JPG to PNG, follow the below steps.

  • Upload a JPG file from your computer or drag it onto the page
  • Wait and let the file convert.
  • Now, download your converted PNG image.

Features of our JPG to PNG

Quick and fast conversion

Any image can be quickly converted into a PNG file using our JPG to PNG converter. All you require is a reliable internet connection and your image.

Support High-Quality Images

As we know, high-quality images are large, and many converters do not have this feature. Please don't be worried; our online JPG to PNG converter supports images up to 20 MB in size. So you can easily convert a large image.

Free conversion

Our tool facilitates unlimited conversion of your JPG image files without requesting a subscription or sign-in.

Preserve image accuracy

Our online JPG to PNG converter guarantees a high-quality final PNG image. Your images will appear in a PNG file exactly as you would assume.

Secure Conversion

We've ensured that nobody will see any of the data you upload to our jpg to png convert tool. We'll automatically remove your files from our servers after an hour to secure your sensitive information.

Use Cases of JPG to PNG Converter

Web Design:

PNG is the highest-resolution image format because it preserves transparency and is used in web designs worldwide.


As mentioned earlier, regarding the quality of the PNG file format, Graphic designers convert their JPEG or JPG images into PNG for maximum resolution.

Photo Editing:

Easily shift between Image file formats while editing photos, and you do not have to worry about reduced quality.


Can I convert the PNG image back to JPG format?

Yes, you can easily convert to your original image format using our PNG to JPG converter. The process is the same as this tool for conversion.

Can I use my phone to convert JPG to PNG files?

Feel free to use your phone to convert JPG to PNG files because our online converter is mobile-friendly too. Therefore, you can convert your images wherever and whenever.

Does JPG to PNG conversion of image loss quality?

By converting the JPG image into PNG, the image quality does not decrease, but increases as PNG has a higher resolution than the JPG.