JPG Image to Text Converter

To use JPG Image to Text Converter, just upload or drag your JPG image to the tool and get your editable text or file instantly.

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What is an image to text converter?

Image to text converter is an online OCR (Optical character recognition) based tool that extracts text from a particular image and converts it into plain text that can be edited, copied, and pasted anywhere you want.

Gone are those days when you had to copy text from images manually using keyboard; 😫 we know it was time-consuming and hectic.

Guess what 🤩? You don't have to write text out of your images manually because our Image to text converter is here to save your time and rescue you from this time taking task. With the advanced Image Optical character recognition technology, this tool scans the text from your images and extracts it for you in editable format.


How does our photo to text converter work?

To extract text from the image, whether it is JPG, JPEG, or PNG, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Drag and Drop or upload your image using the “choose file” button.
  2. Press the Extract Now button.
  3. Now, please sit back and let our OCR automatically extract text from your JPG image.
  4. In the next second, you can download your extracted text in .txt format.

Who can use our picture to text converter?

Business automation

Our image to text converter improves business automation by transforming documents into editable, searchable data. It reduces human labor, improves document storage, and enhances invoice, report, and presentation processing.

Newspaper media

Say goodbye to manual transcription! Convert printed articles, images, and clippings into digital text quickly with our picture to text tool. Digitizing newspaper articles and photographs allows you to share content instantly on social media and WhatsApp.

Finance Sector

Financial professionals and accountants can automate the most time-consuming task of data entry. It saves your time and also minimizes the risks of human errors associated with manual data entry.


This photo to text converter is essential for students, instructors, and researchers since it converts scanned textbooks into editable Word files, speeds up grading by digitizing handwritten test responses, and makes it easier to digitize and analyze academic content.

Health Sector

From medical records to health insurance forms, medical organizations handle vast amounts of paperwork. Our OCR based image extractor allows you to digitize patient data, diagnoses, treatment histories, and insurance payments.


Our photo to text converter tool is a valuable companion for travelers, providing a matchless text extraction from images while on the move. Whether you are capturing foreign signs, important documents, or menus, ensures you can quickly extract text from images. So get yourself equipped with the information you need while traveling.

Legal Sector

Law firms can greatly benefit from our photo to text converter. OCR can convert scanned legal documents, such as contracts, court filings, and case files, into editable and searchable digital formats. This facilitates faster document review and retrieval, significantly reducing the time lawyers and paralegals spend on administrative tasks.

Features of our online image to text converter.

Extract text from low-resolution images.

Text Extractor can also extract text from low resolution and blurred images. Students often take pictures of book pages and take notes for exams or due to the poor quality of the camera, these images are usually blurry our tool extract text them.

Identify Mathematical Solution.

If you are a mathematician, you may have some pictures of algebra or geometric formulas. The OCR jpg to text tool can not only get simple text for you, but also extract complex mathematical equations like a professional.

Free of Cost

You can upload any number of scanned books, notes, pictures & photos. Our free software will extract the correct text every time without prompting you to register or pay for a subscription.

No need to install

This picture to text converter is a completely web-based utility that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You dont need to install this tool on your device to convert images to text. A good internet connection is the only requirement to access and use this tool.

Easy sharing

Sharing information about pictures is a difficult task, but putting the text of the pictures in a separate file can make your communication more efficient. This JPG to text converter allows you to share image text easily.

Multi-Language Support

OCR JPG to text provides multi-language support. It can translate images into text in more than 50 languages. Our pic to text converter (OCR) model has been trained on a wide range of languages and is capable of detecting and extracting text from the majority of International languages.

Download result with JPG to txt feature

If it is not saved correctly, data may be lost or misplaced. Our free image to text converter includes the JPG to TXT Converter feature, allowing you to effortlessly save your results as files. This addition ensures your valuable data is easily stored and accessible.

Copy to clipboard

You can easily copy text from images to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want.

Can be accessed from any device

JPG image to Text tool can be used on mobile devices, and perfect JPG to text conversion. You can access this tool from any device using a web browser.

Have Question? We have answered

We have already answered the most common questions about the online JPG to text converter. Find your answer below.

How can I extract text from a JPG image online and for free?

You can extract text from images using an online OCR-based image to text converter website, and you are already on a website that provides this facility. Go up and upload your photo, hit the extract now button, and download your extracted text from the output.

Can I convert the JPG to Word using this tool?

You can use our JPG to word converter to convert your JPG image to word format.

How can I extract text from a JPG image on mobile?

You can use to extract text from the JPEG images online, upload your image, hit the extract now button and boom, get your extracted text in the output.

Can I convert multiple images at once?

Yes, within our free version you can process five image at a time. You can upgrade to our premium version to enjoy batch processing and many more unique features.