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PDF to Word (DOC) Converter online

We all love PDFs, but the problem is that they are just a snapshot of a particular document. PDF files ensure the documents are unchanged no matter where they are transferred or to whom they are sent.

But what if you want to extract the text from the PDF and Edit it in a Word Document file?
Well, here is a perfect solution to this desire 👇

👉 PDF to Word tool is designed to simplify the conversion of PDF (Portable Document Format) files into alterable Word documents.

💪 Whether you need to edit, modify, or repurpose content from a PDF, this tool provides an efficient, quick, and free-to-use solution.

How PDF to DOC Converter Works

PDF (Portable Document Format) to Doc converter works on advanced OCR algorithms to analyze the structure and the text of a particular PDF file. It extracts the text and converts it into a format compatible with MS Word. This PDF to Doc converter ensures that the content is extracted precisely as on the PDF file, so you do not have to restructure it.

How to convert PDF to Word online?

Following is a step-by-step procedure to convert PDF to Word.

  • Drag and Drop or Upload your selected PDF file.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.
  • Download your converted Word (DOC) file.

That's it. We told you it is the Fastest PDF to Word Converter with the quickest way.

Top Features of our pdf to MS Word converter

Our top features will help you to confess that this PDF to Word converter is separate from the others.

Converting PDF to Word Free and Fast

Convert PDF to Word lightning fast and without even spending a penny. Our tool is absolutely free to use.

Extract PDF text

Take out the text from a particular PDF file and Copy it to use it wherever you want, whenever you want.

Convert PDF into an Editable Document

One problem with PDF files is that they can not be edited. Use our PDF to Word converter to convert PDF to Doc file; so that you can edit it as well

No PDF Reader, No Problem

You can easily view your uploaded PDF within our tool before converting it, so if you don’t have a PDF reader installed, then no problem at all.

No Sign up Required

Unlike others we don’t ask you to signup. So, use this tool as often as you want, and we will not give you that annoying POP-UP to sign up or register.

Convert PDF into MS Word without a limit

Convert as many PDF files into Docs files as you want; there is no limit to how many PDFs you can convert into MS Word documents in our tool.

Bulk Upload

You can convert up to three PDF files at a time. So you do not have to convert them one by one.

Safe & Secure

Our PDF into Word converter does not save any data. The PDF and the converted Word document automatically deleted from our servers.

Why do you need a PDF to Word converter online?

Some of the applications where our .pdf to doc tool will be your life saver are given below:

Application Our words
📝 For creating editable document Convert PDF to word for easy editing, you can customise the word doc as needed.
🔙 To retain formatting While preserving the original format you can easily convert PDF to word.
📊 For reporting and research To Manipulate data for research & reporting purposes converting pdf to word is great.
⏬ Extracting content In order to extract images & text from PDF you need our tool to convert it into word.

These are the very few applications that we have discussed but you can use this tool according to your need and situation.

Your Questions are already answered

We have already answered your questions below. If you have any other questions or problems, you can contact us via email.

Does this .pdf to doc converter convert Large files?

Yes, our .pdf to Word doc can convert large files into word documents. It may take longer than usual.

Can I convert PDF to Word on Mac?

Our tool is supported on almost all operating systems and from any browser you want. The way is similar to access this tool as it is with Windows operating system. Open Safari browser on your mac OS, and access our PDF to Word converter, then upload the PDF file, hit submit, and download the Word file.

Can I convert a specific page of a PDF using this tool?

Yes, you can convert a specific page of a PDF using this tool.

Is the Downloaded MS Word file Virus free?

We take a 100% guarantee that the converted MS Word file is error or virus-free. Don’t worry about this issue while using our tools.